Pigment Warranty Info

Cabinet Painting & Refinishing, Furniture Painting & Refinishing


Pigment warrants labor and materials for a period of 90 days. Responsibility is limited to the supply of labor and materials to correct the defective condition.
NOTE: This warranty specifically excludes damages caused by accident/abuse (including during transport), weather conditions such as temperature changes or excessive moisture, defective building materials or faulty workmanship by others. Adhesion failure of previously applied coatings to the surface below it is not included in this warranty.

Specialty finishes, such as distressing/antiquing, are a subjective process. Some variations from the agreed upon sample (if sample has been requested) are likely. Any changes to the finished look will require written approval and, in some cases, will incur an additional charge.


All of our projects follow the standards adopted from the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America).


All paint needs adequate time to: dry to initial hardness, achieve proper adhesion, and cure to allow thorough cross-linking.

Humidity, temperature, quantity of pigment, and chemical composition of material all contribute to dry, adhesion, and cure times.

Typically, initial hardness can be reached within 72 hours of application (most water-based paint dries to the touch within 4 hours). Adhesion strengthens during cure time but will be demonstrably adhered within 72 hours.

Cure times vary: for water-based paints it is typically a minimum of 28 days.

Prior to full cure, painted finishes should be treated with the utmost care avoiding chemical exposure, excessive moisture and heat, and handled gently. Weighted objects should not be placed on freshly painted pieces until after the initial 28-day curing period. Tight straps and stacking should also be avoided during transport as the finish can be adversely affected.