Pigment: The Paint Workshop

Pigment: The Paint Workshop

Pigment is our creative workshop division! We specialize in all things paint: “refabbed” furniture, artistic faux, “antique” glazes, restoration, murals, floors, walls, and more. Our team of painters, designers, and artists are here to color your world.

artistically painted tablesOur staff are happy to assist you in selecting anything from a single color and finish for a piece of furniture, to an entire home; inside and out. We also offer clear, water-based lacquer top coats in gloss, satin or matte. We can customize and re-fab •chairs, •mirrors, •frames, •side tables, •coffeetables, •dining tables, •nightstands, •settees, •dressers, •sideboards, •buffets, •wardrobes, •china cabinets, •hutches, •entertainment units, •desks, •patio sets, •bed frames, •stands, •planters, •boxes, •stools, •lamps, •couch legs, and much more!

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Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Our professional finishing shop, located a half of a mile east of the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, includes over 2500 square feet of work space and houses a fully-enclosed professional spray booth, dedicated prep room, and artistic finishes studio.

We specialize in cabinet re-paints for kitchens, bath, and more. From finishing solid wood to laminate and previously painted surfaces to new builds: we provide a custom approach in our painting process to refresh your space. We use sophisticated finishing products to increase durability, add to your property value and lower environmental impact.

Cabinet finishes range from ‘chalk finish’ matte to high gloss ‘lacquer’. We also offer custom artistic finishes, such as: glaze, antiqued/distressed, strié/dragged brush, faux bois, wash effects, and many more!

Our Cabinet Painting Process

The first step to refinishing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets begins with a free estimate. Please contact us or fill out our easy estimate request form here.

Once we receive your inquiry we will either schedule a time to visit your home and discuss the project in person or we will ask for pictures of the cabinets. We will get back to you in a few days with an estimate and an overview of our approach to your specific project. This includes: custom color selection, recommended materials, and an estimate of how long everything will take. From there we can create samples, if desired. And we can discuss your scheduling needs.

We will send our experienced and conscientious team to your home to begin prepping and the removal of the doors and drawer fronts, which we will professionally finish in our paint shop. Our team is committed to your comfort and to showing the utmost respect for your home and property. We focus on efficiency, courtesy, minimal disruption, and of course a premium finish.

Once our team has completed prep and priming, they will move on to painting the cabinets in place. We use low-odor, low to no V.O.C. acrylic finishing products. If a project requires a specialty paint or other finish, we will discuss everything from application to dry times with you as well as provide any required samples.

Contact us for a free cabinet painting estimate or to request a custom sample (for a fee).

Our Paint Shop

With over 2500 square feet of workspace as well as a fully-enclosed, down-draft spray booth, our finishing shop is able to provide premium, specialty finishes. From ultra-matte chalk paint to high gloss lacquer effects, our team is equipped to provide individualized, professional finishes to both new cabinets as well as previously finished cabinets. Our dedicated prep room contains dust and filters contaminants from the air. Because our shop is climate controlled we are able to speed initial dry times and regulate longer cure times. This means we can work quickly and efficiently without compromising the performance of the material.

By finishing the majority of the components in our shop, the disruption to your lifestyle will be minimized and we are able to achieve optimum performance from the finishing products themselves.

The Pigment Paint Team

Pigment is made of a shop crew and a field crew. Our shop crew is headed by our lead painter, with over 20 years of experience he overseas all aspects of shop work as well as applies all finish coats. He communicates directly with the project supervisor and will be in touch with a client directly (via client’s preferred method: text, email, phone, in person), if requested. Our field crew is typically comprised of two painters, depending on the scope of the project- a larger or smaller team can be requested. For each project we have a designated supervisor who is the main point of contact throughout. Additionally, Pigment offers an on-staff designer and artist who is available for both color consultation and artistic finishing. Finally, we have an office manager who handles payments – we accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. Because Pigment has a brick and mortar location in the City of Charlottesville (in Albemarle County, Virginia) we are able to optimize our interpersonal interactions and evaluate projects in person, in real time. Each project is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements. Our team meets regularly to discuss our approach at every step of the way giving our clients peace of mind, knowing that we are giving their project the attention and care it deserves.

Our Cabinet Finishes

Every project is unique and we utilize our many years of experience as well as cutting edge advances in product technology and tools to provide the best finish possible. We consider durability and consistency as essential components to the success of any painting project. We also believe that repainting and refinishing should enhance your quality of life and provide joy and satisfaction on a daily basis!

Area designers, architects, builders, and homeowners collaborate with Pigment because of our proven ability to provide premium finishes. From faux finishes such as marble, strié, aged/distressed effects, and more: our clients know that we can deliver a design-forward, artistic look as well as honor timeless aesthetics in both application and color. We recommend a customized sample for specialty finishes, which we are happy to provide for a separate fee or include in the initial estimate.

We Paint

Raw woodPolyurethaneLaminatePowder-coatingVeneer
Stained woodFormicaBaked-on enamelMetalAnd much more…
Brief overview:A few notes:
1. Free estimate requested

2. Photos and/or site visit

3. Estimate provided

4. Project scheduled

5. Color and product selection made

6. Team begins prep and delivers doors and drawers to shop

7. On-site team preps, primes, and paints

8. Shop team preps, primes, and paints

9. Doors and drawers installed

10. Final walk-through

11. Enjoy your new cabinets!
Estimates are provided at no cost

We use low odor/low VOC products whenever possible

Samples are custom-made and provided for a fee

We offer individualized color consultation

Please review our warranty


Dust your piece at least once a weekRegularly dust your piece to help maintain the luster of your painted furnitureNeed touch up paint? We’ve got you covered! Give us a call
Do not use any abrasive cleaners on your pieceBe sure not to leave water spots on the surface, as they'll dry and could leave permanent marksMake sure to give care and uniformed treatment to your piece to help prevent damage
Avoid using glass cleaning compounds and hard instrumentsAnything placed directly on the furniture with a chemical compound can compromise the finishPack adequately and protectively for transport and shipping
A thorough dusting helps keep painted furniture of all types cleanUse coasters or trivets when placing wet or hot objects on the surfaces of painted furnitureUse pieces of furniture only for their designed purpose
Use a slightly damp, cotton cloth to remove stubborn dustHot items, such as irons or coffee mugs can literally melt a finish awayWaxing need only occur infrequently because the wax itself is not readily removed and it does not degrade chemically
Try to use mild, eco-friendly products whenever possibleWater from spills and condensation from vases or cold drink glasses can damage and deface coatings through "blooming," an effect that makes transparent coatings white or milky
Do not use anything that is solvent basedWipe up spills immediately
Dust can be removed with the careful wipe of a warm, damp, cotton clothBe careful about what you place on your furniture
Oily dirt or waxy residue can be removed with a mild detergent such as Dr. Bronner’s, Mrs. Meyer’s or white vinegar/water mixtureFingernail polish and remover, perfumes and alcoholic drinks can behave as paint and varnish removers
Loose dust on the surface can be removed with a dry, lint-free cloth, gently rubbed over the surfaceMineral spirits, paint thinner and naphtha will dull the luster of the paint and sometimes even act as a paint remover
Uneven areas can be dusted with a clean, natural bristle paint or artist's brushWaxing “chalk paint” too often can result in a built-up, clouded surface
Blot spilled liquids, rather than wiping, the area to prevent spreading the liquid


How can I receive a quote for my piece? There are several ways to get a quote! You can fill out our “request a quote” form or email your inquiry directly to pigment@piedmontpaint.com. You can also make an appointment to bring your piece to our studio and we can take a look in person.

How long is my quote good for? 90 days unless stated otherwise.

What do you take into account when calculating the quote for my piece?     We take into account the current condition of the piece, if repairs are needed, material of the item to be painted, size of the piece, additional sheen top coat, hand painted details, antiqued or faux finish desired, additional colors, special order for materials, etc.

How long does it take to calculate a quote? 2-3 business days

Do I need to make an appointment? An appointment is needed for color and design consultations and to schedule the delivery of the piece to our shop. Email pigment@piedmontpaint.com or call our office at 434-296-0900 to schedule an appointment.

Do you offer on-site or in-home visits?Yes. Please contact pigment@piedmontpaint.com if you are interested in an on-site visit/consultation.

Do you lacquer things? We can offer a high-gloss, water based lacquer that does not yellow over time and is more durable than solvent based products. We do not provide high-gloss lacquer, factory-finishes. We can provide a high-gloss look but it falls under a premium artistic finish and is priced accordingly.

Do you offer powder coating? No.

Do you strip and refinish with new stain? Maybe. We steer clear of most solvent-based products. That said, we are happy to discuss similar finish options using more environmentally friendly products.

Do you strip hardware? On a case-by-case basis.

Do you offer sandblasting? We offer soda-blasting which achieves the similar results as sandblasting but is more gentle on both the piece being blasted and on the environment.

Do you paint kitchen cabinets? Yes! See more details about our process on this page above.

Can you paint metal? Yes.

Can you paint outdoor furniture? Yes.

How about plastic? Laminate? Sure can!

Bamboo and rattan? Absolutely!

What faux finishes do you offer? We are able to replicate the look of faux stone including marble and malachite, wood grain, venetian plaster, sandstone/textured wall, brushed suede, patinas, bricks, tree bark, rocks, scenic murals, strié and much more!

Do you offer antiquing and/or distressing? Yes, we use a variety of methods and techniques to achieve your desired aged or weathered look.

My piece needs repair before painting, is that something you can do? We are able to complete minor repairs and can recommend a local woodworker for more extensive repairs.

Do you offer decorative wall and floor painting? Oh, yes! We love to collaborate to make your most colorful dreams come true.

If I have new hardware, will you install it for me? Yes, we absolutely will! We can even fill old hardware holes and drill news ones to accommodate a different hardware setup. Please let us know ahead of time if you're changing the hardware.

What products do you use? We use a variety of products including James T. Davis, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, ML Campbell, Farrow & Ball, Fine Paints of Europe, and others. Each project is unique and we are happy to discuss the best paint product for your piece.

What painting methods do you use? Most of the time we spray paint using an air-powered spray (HVLP) gun. We also hand paint pieces for custom finishes and effects.

What top coats/sheens do you offer? Matte/flat, satin, semi gloss and gloss. We use glazes, clear coats, waxes, and more!

Can I buy paint from you? You can purchase Good Bones Furniture Paint exclusively.

Can you mix custom colors? Yes. This even goes for Good Bones Furniture Paint!

Can you color match to a paint chip I already have? Absolutely!

Can I bring my own paint for you to use? Yes! We require that your paint product be a new, unused and unopened can.

How should I prepare my piece for painting? Please remove any contents from the piece and clean it to the best of your ability.

Once my piece is finished, do you provide touch up paint? Upon request, we can give you a sample jar of touch up paint.

How do I care for my painted piece after it leaves the shop? It is best not to place your painted pieces in direct sunlight or expose them to extreme heat and humidity. Please take extreme caution when moving the piece from our storefront to your piece's new home. We recommend using moving blankets and padding for transport protection. Please see more about care and maintenance above.

What cleaning products should I use on my painted piece? A slightly damp rag and mild soap is best. Avoid using any harmful or abrasive cleaning products at all costs! This includes anything containing alcohol or ammonia.

What is your turnaround time? Our typical turnaround is 2-3 weeks. Due to the nature of shop production, that can easily fluctuate. Please call our office, 434-296-0900, for the current turnaround time.

Do you store furniture? No. We require that all pieces to be picked up within 14 days of completion. Your piece will incur a $20 storage fee per each subsequent day not picked up.

Do I need to make a deposit? A 20% deposit is required on jobs amounting to $1000 or over.

Do you pick up and deliver? Yes! Contact us for pricing.

What methods of payments do you accept? Cash, check or any major credit card. All payments must be made within 30 days of project completion.

Do you have furniture for sale? Not typically. Check our website and IG for local pop-ups!

Do you buy furniture? No.

Do you consign furniture? No.

Do you ship furniture? Yes, on a case-by-case basis.

Do you offer a warranty? Yes. Please see more detailed information on our Warranty page.

Ready to request a quote? Do that here.